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On a scale of once per day to 10 or more times per day, how often do you think you are distracted from noises in your environment?

Fun fact: your soundscape is your perceived acoustical environment, as opposed to the physical acoustical environment.

Which do you hear every day?

If you chose Other, please specify what these noises are.

How easy is it to have private time at home?

Do you hear your family or neighbors through walls, windows, or floors?

Do family members ever work or study from home?

Have you explored applying sound masking, absorption, or direct blocking to mitigate noise? If so, please explain.

Educational Quiz: According to recent studies, how much would the U.S. save on annual healthcare with minimal reductions in noise?

The U.S. alone would save 5 billion dollars in annual Healthcare costs with a 5 dB (very small) reduction in noise.

Does your home include smart automation of audio, security, heating/AC, lighting, blinds, entertainment systems, and other electronics?

If your family was measurably more happy, peaceful, and content at home, would your quality of life be greatly improved?

Are you interested in smart home automation, simple yet spectacular Audio/Video systems, or home theaters?

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