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Is your Soundscape up to Par? Take our exam to find out.

What kind of interior soundscape are we grading here?


If Residential, please redirect your browser to:

Would your company's profit margins and growth rates benefit from each employee spending 16% more time in focused flow state?

How many building occupants do you have?

How many square feet do they occupy?

How distracting is your acoustical environment, with 1 being optimally serene and 10 being chaotically distracting?

Which noises distract you most often?

If you chose Other, please specify what these noises are.

Educational Quiz: What do you think is the most important component to workplace productivity?

Quiz Solution: Soundscape peace and privacy is the primary factor (by twofold!) in workplace satisfaction, according to the Harvard Business Review's recent data science on work environments.

On a scale of once per day to 10 or more times per day, how often are you distracted by noises at work?


What does your "other" include?

Fun Facts: According to the American Society of Interior Designers, 75% of office workers rate noise as the worst part of their environment. Noise causes employees in open environments to lose 86 minutes per day according to Harvard.

Do you layout your spaces based on voice reflections?

Would you like to separate conversations from the perceived acoustical environment?

Does your company have an open floorplan with cubicles or partitions of some kind?

Fun fact: your soundscape is your perceived acoustical environment, as opposed to the physical acoustical environment.

Have you tried behavioral remedies to speech privacy and noise, such as predetermined quiet times?

Do your employees and coworkers have control over their soundscape?

You are almost there!! Only a few more questions to go.

Have you explored noise control solutions already? If so, please explain.

How easy is it to have sensitive conversations in your office?

If your co-workers were measurably happier and healthier, how much would your company save on recruiting, retention, health care, and administrative/HR costs?

Congratulations! Once you hit Submit, below, you're done. Enjoy the rest of as we curate your custom report card.

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